Moving House During the Summer - Top Tips

Moving House During the Summer - Top Tips

Moving house involved a lot of hard work at any time of year, but it can be particularly difficult during the peak summer season, so read our top tips to help things go as smoothly as possible.


Give Your Removals Company Plenty of Notice

The summer season is peak time for moving house - the summer holidays make it an ideal time for families to move, and there’s plenty of time to settle in to your new home before the Christmas season begins, which is a big factor for most people. However, the increased demand means it may be harder to find a removals company with availability that suits you, so always give as much notice as you can regarding your move date to avoid missing out.


Try to Avoid Peak Traffic Weekends

There are certain weekends every summer that are almost guaranteed to cause chaos on the roads – the start of the school summer holidays and bank holidays weekends being chief among them. Where possible, try to avoid moving during these periods, as being stuck in long queues of traffic on move day will add unwanted delays and push your schedule back.


Start the Move Early

In the heat of the summer sun, moving house can be a very hot business, so start early to keep as cool as possible. With an early enough start, you’ll be moving during the coolest part of the day, and with any luck you’ll miss the rush hour traffic too.


Keep Your Electronics Cool

Even if you manage to start your move nice and early, there’s still the risk that your electronic devices could get too hot and become damaged as a result. To avoid this, try to pack your electronics later in the day, and make them one of the first things you get off the removals van – this way you’ll minimise the time they have to spend in the back of a hot vehicle.


Bring a Fan 

If you’re going to be unpacking your items in the heat of a summer afternoon, make sure you pack a big enough fan, and make sure it comes off the removals truck as soon as possible. Get it set up in any rooms where you’ll be unpacking, and keep it with you wherever possible.


Dress Appropriately

Don’t underestimate how hot physical activity can make you. Even on a cool summer’s day, you will likely find you need to wear light, breathable clothing like a cotton t-shirt to avoid overheating.

Don’t Forget the Sun Lotion

If you are going to be spending any length of time outside during the move, ensure that you wear adequate sunscreen to protect your skin. Even if you’re only outside for 20 minutes, it can be enough to burn or damage your skin, especially during the peak hours of 11am – 3pm, so always make sure you apply sun lotion before you pack it away on the morning of the move, or keep it handy if you’ll need to re-apply it later on in the day.

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