WHG Removals Online Price Calculator

To get an accurate moving quote at your convenience, we have developed our own on-line Removals Price Calculator. , which was designed to be used on Tablets, Phones and Desktops. You can simply walk around your property, enter the items you want to be moved and get an accurate removal quote within minutes at any time of the day.

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It's so easy to use, here's what you do…

When you're ready, just use the "Get Your Quote Now" button to the right to access the calculator, and here is a brief guide to help you use it.

The calculator is made up of two main sections - the left half is our pre-defined library of items, furniture, pictures, etc. that you will have in your property. The right half of the Calculator is where you set up the rooms you actually have in your house, and you can then add items from the library on the left into the appropriate room on the right.

  • As you walk into each room in your house, create a matching room in the right section by clicking on one of the blue icons
  • You can rename the room so you can easily recognise which room it is, just click on the title and edit the name
  • Once you have a room added you can either drag and drop library items into the room, or click on a library item - both approaches open up the "Items Options" pop-up..…
  • The "Item Options" pop-up lets you choose any additional options or services we may offer to help pack the item, and also specify how many of the items you have
  • Keep adding items to a room until you have identified all the actual items you have in that room, then move to the next room and do the same again
  • Once you have finished, just click "Get my Quote"!

Our Insurances do not cover transportation of Flammables, Compressed Gas, Oil, Sprays, Petrol, Paint, Hazardous Materials, Weapons and Explosives.